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Hydraecia petasitis Butterbur

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
06 Sep 1988 Laneside Drive, Bramhall SJ902862 Adult 1 confirmed G Lightfoot
1976 Prestbury SJ900768 Adult 1 only additions to SJ97, Lepidoptera record cards, Biological Records Centre, Monks Wood, via C I Rutherford
12 Sep 1970 Alvanley Road, Helsby SJ489751 Adult 1 LCES 94-96:58, Specimen in Mike Hull's collection
1968 Wilmslow SJ834818 Not recorded 1+ BRC Ref: V05_28430
1960 Wilmslow SJ8381 Not recorded 1+ BRC Ref: V05_28779, Wilmslow in SJ88
08 Sep 1949 Gatley Carrs SJ8388 Adult 2 grid reference not provided
1949 Gatley SJ8488 Adult 1+ several, grid reference unknown, Smith (1950)
08 Sep 1948 Gatley SJ8488 Adult 2 several, grid reference unknown, Smith (1948) (1950)
1940 Stockport SJ9089 Adult 1+ every year, undated, grid reference unknown, Smith (1948)
1919 Chester SJ4166 Adult 1+ grid reference unknown, Smith (1948)
1903 Walton SJ5984 Not recorded 1+ undated, very local near Walton, Day (1903)
1903 Ashley SJ7584 Not recorded 1+ undated, Day (1903)
1900 Chester SJ4066 Adult 1 Day (1903)
1900 Chester SJ4066 Not recorded 1 undated, Day (1903)
1892 Stockport SJ9089 Pupal 1+ pupae taken in large numbers about 1892-1895 but they appear much less common now, Day (1903), grid reference unknown, BRC Ref: V06_00873, date pre 1941
1885 Cheshire Unknown Not recorded 1+ undated, East Cheshire, Walker (1885)
1854 Brushes Valley SJ9999 Not recorded 1+ Records extracted from various publications to establish a lepidoptera list at Staley Brushes. Underwood (1970). The publications from which the records were extracted are not known now but were relied on at the time. Data was also extracted from local museums and libraries.
07 Sep 1850 Weaverham SJ6273 Larval 1+ 7 larvae & 3 pupae dug up (N. Cook in Zoologist, Ser.1, vol.VIII, p.2392)

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