Elephant Hawk Moth

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Cryphia algae Tree-lichen Beauty

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1859 Lyme Park SJ9682 Adult 2 one specimen at Manchester. Brought to Edleston by a workman who found them (presumably on a wall) in Lyme Park, Entomologist's Intelligencer 1860:11, grid reference not provided, L & C Nat. c1921. Mansbridge (1940), MOBGBI vol 10. the entry in Mansbridge states....In the collection of the late Joseph Sidebottom (now in the Manchester Museum) are two specimens of this species captured at Disley, Cheshire and obtained by him from RS Edleston's collection (EL). it is a possibility that these specimens were accidentally inrtroduced according to CG Barrett (DL) in his Lepidoptera of the British Isles Vol V1 p. 214. it is suggested that this may be a first record for the British Isles. J B Hodgkinson refers to the site of capture as Strines, near Marple, taken in cop. The Entomologist 18:122, although this is where Sidebottam lived, not where the moth was found.

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