Elephant Hawk Moth

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Cnephasia conspersana

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
15 Jul 2003 Red Rocks Marsh SJ206881 Adult 5 one confirmed as male by dissection by Jon Clifton
11 Jun 1999 Red Rocks, Hoylake SJ207876 Larval 1+ in Centaurea nigra flowerhead, emerged 2.7.1999. photo 61-9
15 Aug 1998 Thurstaston Country Park SJ239835 Adult 1
1953 Bosley Cloud SJ9063 Adult 1+ grid reference and date unknown. Common
1950 Burton SJ3174 Adult 1+ Recorder also R Prichard. grid reference unknown
1948 Goyt Valley, VC58 SK0079 Adult 1+ grid reference unknown. Common
1948 Marple SJ9689 Adult 1+ date c1948, site Marple, common
1948 Kettleshulme SJ9878 Not recorded 1+ date and grid reference unknown.
1948 Goyt Valley SK0172 Adult 1+ common, grid reference unknown
1946 Disley SJ9784 Adult 1+ grid reference unknown
1938 Rainow SJ9576 Adult 1+ grid reference unknown. Common
1938 Rainow SJ9575 Adult 1+ site Rainow, date c1938, common
1864 SJ38 SJ38 Not recorded 1+ date unknown

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