Elephant Hawk Moth

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Lymantria monacha Black Arches

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
16 Aug 2017 Heswall SJ2681 Adult 1 Jug & Bottle Pub SJ268815
12 Aug 2016 Barrymore Way, Bromborough SJ339808 Adult 1 confirmed S H Hind from photo
14 Aug 2015 Delamere Forest SJ5471 Adult 2 4 traps (2 x 125W MV and 2 x 15W Act) in and around Barnbridge Gates car park
16 Aug 2012 Pemberton Close, Willaston SJ332778 Adult 1 photo available
1976 Russell Drive, Haslington SJ7356 Adult 1
1976 Duncansby Drive, Bromborough SJ344797 Adult 1 letter to CIR 18/10/1977, BRC Ref: V05_07200, included in SJ38 rather than SJ37 in Rutherford (1993)
1955 Delamere Forest SJ5471 Adult 1+ entry on page 189 refers to the melanic form being not uncommon at Delamere Forest
1903 Mouldsworth SJ5171 Adult 1 J Lyon Denson, date & grid reference unknown, taken locally, per William Griffiths, Smith (1948)
1901 Delamere Forest SJ5471 Larval 2 two larvae obtained in Delamere Forest in 1901 by SGS yielded one typical form and one of var eremita. grid reference not provided. LCFC 1919. Mansbridge (1940)
1800 SJ47 SJ47 Not recorded 1+ BRC Ref: V05_11115, date pre 1941
1800 SJ56 SJ56 Not recorded 1+ BRC Ref: V05_13347, pre 1941

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