Elephant Hawk Moth

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Carpatolechia notatella

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
12 Jun 1976 Bickerton Hill SJ4952 Adult 1+ abundant on birch trunks. grid reference unknown. Specimen in Mike Hull's collection
07 Jun 1975 Delamere Forest SJ5570 Adult 1 Genitalia checked.
1955 Bollin Valley SJ8082 Not recorded 1+ common, date and grid reference unknown. county status: listed as scarce and local in Ellis (1887), now found to have a wide distribution.
1945 Frandley SJ640788 Not recorded 1 site in A Country Parish is Marbury
1945 Marbury SJ6474 Adult 1+ grid reference unknown.
1940 Chester SJ417672 Not recorded 1+ date unknown, grid reference unknown. County status: scarce and local
1887 Wirral SJ28 Not recorded 1+ date unknown, pre 1887, grid reference unknown, occasional

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