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Luffia ferchaultella

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
20 Jan 2018 Burton SJ3074 Case 1 No quantity recorded.
05 Mar 2004 Burton SJ3074 Pupal 1+ grid reference provided SJ300747, 50+ cases at known wall site
05 May 2001 Burton SJ3074 Case 1+ grid reference provided SJ301748, 6 cases on wall at Denhall Lane
19 May 1984 Burton SJ3074 Case 1+ locally frequent on the sandstone wall in Denhall Lane, LCES 107:127
02 Oct 1978 Burton SJ3074 Case 1 Genitalia checked. on sandstone wall, Denhall Lane SJ301748. Exibited L&CES Exhibition 24.3.2001. Also dated as 2.8.1978. Specimen in Mike Hull's collection
06 Sep 1978 Burton SJ3074 Larval 9 larvae on sandstone wall, Denhall Lane SJ301748. Two females gen det. Exibited L&CES Exhibition 24/3/2001 as 6/10/1978. Specimens in Mike Hull's collection
21 Aug 1978 Burton SJ3074 Case 1+ wall Denhall Lane, LCES 101-103:36
21 Aug 1978 Burton Point SJ3073 Case 1 rock face at Burton Point. grid reference not provided. LCES 101-103:36
1953 Burton SJ3074 Case 5 emerged 12/7/1954, Burton Point, grid reference not provided
01 Jun 1952 Burton Saltmarsh SJ3074 Case 5 five females emerged 12/7/1952, grid reference not provided
18 Aug 1951 Burton Saltmarsh SJ3074 Case 1+ No quantity recorded. grid reference not provided
14 Jul 1951 Burton SJ3074 Larval 1+ New to Cheshire. Recorded as Luffia lapidella. Larval cases occur locally in abundance at Burton on lichen-covered rocks, but only the apterous females have been reared, Michaelis (1954, 1955, 1956), emerged 16/8, 18/8/1951
1951 Burton SJ3074 Larval 7 originally recorded as L lapidella. grid reference not provided

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