Elephant Hawk Moth

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Coleophora saxicolella

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
05 Aug 2016 Upper Dane Valley SK0066 Adult 1 Genitalia checked. Dane Cottage, Wildboarclough, SK000664 - 6w actinic heath, 2x15w actinic heath, 2x125w Robinson traps.
29 Jul 2014 Laburnum House, Shocklach SJ437486 Adult 2 gen det male & female. 2 x 125MV Robinson traps all night, + 125MV on tripod over sheet until 12:30
28 Jun 2012 Carleton Road, Higher Poynton SJ944838 Adult 1 gen det male
02 Aug 2008 Highfield Road, Birkenhead SJ329862 Adult 1 gen det female
05 Jul 2007 Shannon Close, Willaston, Nantwich SJ676525 Adult 1 gen.det.female
15 Aug 2006 Deansfield Way, Elton SJ453753 Adult 1 not on original import - gen det male SF
30 Jul 2005 Lynwode House, Linley Lane, Alsager SJ819545 Adult 1 gen. det. female
2002 Woodruff Cottage, Clamhunger Lane, Mere SJ736813 Adult 1 gen det female
02 Aug 1990 Willaston Station SJ332773 Adult 1
05 Aug 1989 Greenwall's Wood, Balderton SJ374622 Adult 1
25 Jul 1983 Caister Way, Over, Winsford SJ641654 Adult 1
22 Jul 1983 Halton Common, Halton SJ540823 Adult 1 on a coleus plant by an open window in the dept of employment HQ building. East Lane, Halton Runcorn
17 Jul 1979 Pettypool Wood (south) SJ614697 Adult 1 Genitalia checked. specimen in Mike Hull's collection

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