Elephant Hawk Moth

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Enargia paleacea Angle-striped Sallow

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
09 Sep 2010 Carleton Road, Higher Poynton SJ944838 Adult 1 confirmed G Lightfoot, B T Shaw and from photo by M Dale, K McCabe. photo displayed on http://www.cheshire-butterflies.co.uk/
26 Aug 1997 Keswick Avenue, Bromborough SJ344798 Adult 1 confirmed M Hull et al at Liverpool Museum, letter to CIR 27/11/1997
05 Sep 1991 Longridge, Macclesfield Road, Alderley Edge SJ850778 Adult 1 First record in 25 years at this site
27 Aug 1954 Delamere SJ5570 Adult 1 grid reference not provided, LCFC 1954-56:73. Smith (1956)

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Updated: 12th June 2019