Map-winged Swift

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Phyllonorycter lantanella

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
18 Apr 2019 Ness SJ3076 Mine 1+ On viburnum sp. Ness Gardens SJ305767
15 Apr 2019 Ellesmere Port SJ3975 Mine 1+ planted area adjacent to Civic offices
12 Apr 2019 Backford Cross SJ3873 Mine 1+ on Viburnam tinus in roadside hedge Great Sutton SJ384737, photo on Cheshire Moth Forum
11 Apr 2019 Capenhurst SJ3673 Mine 1+ on Viburnham tinus, photo on Cheshire Moth Forum
30 Mar 2019 Ellesmere Port SJ4075 Mine 1+ On viburnum sp
28 Mar 2019 Hazel Grove SJ9386 Mine 8 on Viburnum tinus in garden at end of Highfield Road SJ931865, photos on Cheshire Moths Facebook Group
20 Mar 2019 West Kirby SJ2186 Mine 3 Ashton Park, Dunraven Road, SJ21648650 & SJ21708646 underside tentiform leaf mine on Viburnum tinus

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Updated: 3rd April 2020