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Hadena compta Varied Coronet

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
29 Jun 2017 Rope Lane, Rope, Crewe SJ692531 Adult 1 Photo supplied and is OK
30 Jul 2016 Milton Drive, Poynton SJ917838 Adult 2
18 Jun 2016 Brookfield, Haslington, Crewe SJ739563 Adult 1 confirmed S H Hind from photo
06 Jul 2013 Kingsley SJ550744 Adult 1 photo on rECOrd moth forum, confirmed S H Hind
13 Jun 2007 Back Lane, Shavington SJ713521 Adult 1 varied coronet - photo seen and retained by shane farrell-
12 Jul 2006 228 Turncroft Lane, Stockport SJ907902 Adult 1 photo retained by shane farrell and reviewed by cmg panel and accepted Feb 2007.
13 Jul 1992 Westwood Road, Heald Green SJ849856 Adult 1
27 Jun 1992 Woodside Drive, High Lane SJ954853 Adult 1 NB THIS RECORD WAS CAUGHT AT THE SAME TIME AS ANOTHER SPECIMEN IN CHESHIRE BUT WAS NOT CONFIRMED. REFERRED TO IN RUTHERFORD'S BOOK AND SEEMS TO BE SUPPORTED BY THE OTHER RECORD. Varied Coronet x = recorded since 1980 Records taken from the Macro-matrix produced by Ian Rutherford and covering records received to the end of 1996.

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