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Scotopteryx mucronata Lead Belle

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
18 Jun 2013 Tegg's Nose SJ9472 Adult 2 SJ946724 until 12:30am, one gen det female, photo taken
01 Jun 2009 Lyme Handley SJ9981 Adult 1 gen det male. Disturbed from near gorse on a sheltered south facing hillside at 270m asl SJ992815
16 May 1999 Hazel Grove Golf Course SJ9386 Adult 1
17 Jun 1988 Martin Close, Offerton SJ929880 Adult 1
16 Jun 1984 Arden Drive, Neston SJ291766 Adult 1 letter to CIR 22/12/1984
23 Jun 1982 Longridge, Macclesfield Road, Alderley Edge SJ850778 Adult 1 First record of the year, numbers not counted, marked as unusual
17 Jun 1982 Highfield Rd,. Hazel Grove SJ931867 Not recorded 1
1979 SJ37 SJ37 Adult 1 gen det male
1976 Prestbury SJ900768 Adult 1 only additions to SJ97, Lepidoptera record cards, Biological Records Centre, Monks Wood, via C I Rutherford
02 Jul 1971 Helsby SJ4875 Adult 1 Genitalia checked. Specimen in Mike Hull's collection. Grid reference not provided
1970 Bidston Hill SJ2889 Adult 1
1970 Staley Brushes SJ99 Adult 1 the publications from which the records were extracted are not known now but were relied on at the time. data was also extracted from local museums and libraries.
1967 Longridge, Macclesfield Road, Alderley Edge SJ850778 Adult 1+ BRC Ref: V05_27644, Alderley Edge in SJ87
29 May 1948 Thurstaston SJ2485 Adult 1 grid reference not provided
21 May 1945 Delamere Forest SJ5570 Adult 1 grid reference not provided
04 Jun 1933 Delamere Forest SJ5570 Adult 1
1925 Alderley Edge SJ8577 Adult 1 Genitalia checked S H Hind. grid reference not provided

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