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Elachista humilis

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Date Site OS Grid Ref Stage Quantity Comment
15 May 2005 Jepsonclough Farm, Adlington SJ9380 Adult 1 gen det male, confirmed S M Palmer
18 Jun 1992 Todd Brook Valley SJ9980 Adult 1
22 Apr 1971 Helsby Hill SJ4975 Adult 1 Genitalia checked. specimen in M Hull's collection, grid reference unknown.
1962 Rostherne Mere SJ7483 Larval 1+ larvae abundant in woods in May
1957 Cotterill Clough SJ8083 Larval 3 emerged 20/6/1957, grid reference not provided
1957 Cotterill Clough SJ8083 Larval 5 emerged June 1957, grid reference not provided
1954 Alderley Edge SJ8478 Adult 1 grid reference unknown. Michaelis (1955)
1951 Castle Mill SJ7984 Larval 1+ larvae plentiful during last three years mining tips of the leaves of Aira caespitosa, grid reference not provided, Ent.Rec.64:12-13. Bollin Valley, Michaelis (1955)
1951 Burton SJ3174 Adult 1+ common, grid reference not provided, Ent.Rec.64:12-13
1950 Cotterill Clough SJ8083 Larval 4 ex tufted hair-grass, emerged 5/6/1950, New Cheshire record. common. date given as 1948/51. Grid Reference unknown. Michaelis (1954)

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